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By Sue's Stitches on December 24, 2014
This is an amazing story of David's journey physically, emotionally and spiritually. His descriptions of his adventures are wonderful and make you "see" things almost as well as his photograpy. God has been with him through all of the challenges and seeing him embrace his faith is incredible! He has overcome so much and is an inspiration to anyone who faces things in their life. David proves that you can do whatever you are truly want to with God and determination!

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By Kristine Cichowski on October 28, 2014
The details of this story captured my heart and left me feeling as if I traveled alongside of David throughout his remarkable journey. I could vividly see and feel the audacious terrains and wildlife of Alaska, Canada, and Africa along with the joys, disappointments, and enlightenment he experienced throughout his travels and daily life. Every page brought deep reflection on the power of the human spirit and imprinted an invaluable life lesson.

ByJutes on February 8, 2015
If anyone needs inspiration to overcome life's challenges - PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! David eloquently reflects how his determination to overcome his physical challenges, along with his strong belief in GOD, helped him to become the talented wildlife photographer he is. I have a number of his photographs. His ability to capture the intimate beauty of nature is amazing. This book is an excellent read and a wonderful biography of a truly talented photographer and his life's journey.

By Cari on December 19, 2014
This book is David's autobiography. It is his story from his heart to all of us. His is a story of hope and life and healing and purpose and salvation. Great read!!!

By Joe Andalina on March 14, 2015
I've known David for many years. We met at a Wildlife Reha Symposium in 1984. He was engaging and happy as he sold a variety of his photos to the public. That was over 30 years ago. Over the years I learned much about David's life and challenges including his devastating accident. But what I also learned was his indomitable spirit and his efforts to never give up-on anything. We discussed his trips and his cobras, his photography and the tough part of his life which he never let get him down for any stretch of time. I've also witnessed his religious conversions from agnostic to his faithful state of grace he is in now. Anything he has accomplished was with perseverance, thoughtfulness (because he truly is a deep thinker on many topics ) and a willingness to succeed by being kind to all. I knew his love with his caretaker Sue and even though I knew that story it still brought a tear to my eye reading it. David's story is a great read in and of itself. And if you're looking for inspiration and how to deal with a bad deck of cards, come no further because here it all is right in front of you. Thanks David....proud to know you.